Approved Council Budget 2017/18

Approved Council Budget 2016/17

Approved Council Budget 2015/16

The Council Budget

The council financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March.  Each year the members of the Community Council review the existing budget and establish a new one for the forthcoming year, which is formally approved and accepted at the December council meeting.

The Community Council receives it’s main income from Monmouthshire County Council in the form of a precept levied on residents in the community.  The amount of the precept is determined as part of the budget setting process and notified to Monmouthshire County Council, who collect the precept on behalf of the Community Council.

The council members, when setting the budget and precept, are required to give consideration to the following:

1. Running costs of the council

       2. Maintenance and running costs of existing assets e.g. play             parks, emptying litter bins, and grounds maintenance.

       3. Supporting local community groups and organisations through            the award of a small grant.

Council budgets can be viewed by selecting the appropriate year from the list on the left.

Approved Council Budget 2018/19

Approved Council Budget 2019/20