Council Meetings

Council Meetings are held monthly with the exception that there is no meeting in August.  The meetings are normally held on the third Tuesday of every month, however the December meeting is held on the second Tuesday, due to the proximity to Christmas.

The meetings are held in two venues, one in each of the two villages, in order to give residents equal opportunities to attend. Archbishop Rowan Williams Primary School is the venue used in Portskewett and Sudbrook Trinity Presbyterian Church hosts the Sudbrook Meetings.

The meetings start at 7.00pm  when members of the public have the opportunity to raise issues for consideration by the council. Representatives from Monmouthshire County Council or other public organisations may also be invited to attend. The formal council meeting commences at 7.30pm.  Members of the public may stay and observe this part of the meeting but are not able to contribute in any way.

Each year in May the Annual General Meeting is held and a new Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected.

The agenda for each meeting is published 7 days in advance, and this is circulated to all councillors along with the previous month’s minutes which will be ratified at the meeting, and any other supporting papers for agenda items.

The clerk forwards any correspondence  received to the councillors by email when it is received.

Meeting Dates

Agendas for Meetings

Minutes of Meetings